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Whether you need a simple brush up with a cleaning, or a more complex procedure such as a filling, Dr. Calkins DDS will surpass your expectations while meeting your needs. We look forward to adding your smile to our collection of happy clients.

Nearly all Americans will experience some form of tooth decay in their lifetimes, but you have the power to prevent it. By maintaining healthy oral habits and seeing your dentist on a regular basis, you can keep your mouth healthy and prevent tooth decay from every becoming a threat.

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Preventive Dentistry

•  Cleanings & Exams
•  Gum Disease
•  Oral Hygiene
•  Sealants

At Sandcreek Family Dentistry, we perform a wide variety of services to help you get the smile you deserve. By leveraging today's advanced techniques and technology, your Glendive dentist Dr. Calkins DDS can restore your beautiful smile to help you maintain your youthful appearance.

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Restorative Dentistry

•  Bridges
•  Crowns
•  Dentures
•  Extractions
•  Inlays & Onlays
•  Crown Lengthening

Cosmetic dentistry will give you healthy, radiant teeth. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve confidence and make you want to share your smile.

With state-of-the-art materials, and tried and true dental techniques, cosmetic dentistry improves appearance and enhances self-esteem. Composite fillings have replaced traditional silver-colored amalgams, while porcelain is the preferred choice in the creation of bridges. Other techniques like teeth whitening and veneers can improve the color and shape of your natural smile.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

•  Bonding
•  Fillings
•  Veneers
•  Whitening

Dental Implants
A dental implant is a post made of metal that is designed to replace missing teeth. It is usually made out of titanium and is placed surgically into the jawbone where the tooth is missing. Unlike a bridge, an implant is a more permanent solution.

You have several options when replacing teeth; it isn't limited to crowns and conventional bridges or dentures. Dental implants are aesthetically pleasing and feel very natural. Implants are surgically placed below the gums over a series of appointments. With time, they fuse to the jawbone and serve as a base for individual replacement teeth, bridges or dentures.

Through a process called osseointegration, implants offer stability because they fuse to your bone. Integration of the implants into your jaw also helps your replacement teeth feel more natural. Some patients have reported that the secure fit is more comfortable than alternatives. Dental implant candidates must have healthy gums and bone to support the implant.

What Are Dental Implants?
•  Keep the look and feel of a real tooth where one is missing
•  Maintain healthy bone levels
•  Help support overdentures

What Does a Dental Implant Involve?
•  Implant Site Preparation: To prepare the site, the gum tissue is opened to expose the bone area. If there is insufficient bone structure, bone grafting may be recommended. With healthy bone, a special drill is used to prepare the bone to receive the implant.

•  Placing the Implant: The implant is placed into the healthy bone and the tissue is sutured. The sutures are removed in seven to ten days. It is normal to expect three to six months to heal entirely. Osseointegration occurs over this time period allowing the implant to become part of the upper or lower jaw.

•  Attaching the Post: A special post is attached to the implant when the gum tissue is ready. This post is the support for the new porcelain crown. Zirconium abutments attached to the implant post assure that the new porcelain tooth has translucency properties similar to a natural tooth.

•  Placing the Crown: The new crown is made from impressions taken and shaded to match your existing teeth. The crown is cemented over the post. The final prosthetic crown appears as your natural tooth.

Smoking tends to lead to a high rate of failure in implants, so dental implants are not the best option for patients who are actively smoking. We will help you determine whether dental implants will be a good tooth replacement option for you. Proper brushing and flossing will maximize the longevity of your new dental implant.

Lost your retainer? Have crooked teeth? Do you cover your mouth or purse your lips when you smile? We have the solution for you: 6 Month Smiles®. At Sandcreek Family Dentistry, Six Month Smiles® is one of the best parts of our dental practice — because patients are so happy with the results.

Six Month Smiles®
Six Month Smiles® is a revolutionary combination of proven orthodontic techniques, modern materials, and innovation. Six Month Smiles® utilizes nearly invisible clear braces to gently straighten teeth in an average of six months.

Before & After Cases
If you've been looking for a way to achieve a beautiful smile in less than a year, Six Month Smiles® may be the ideal treatment. Blending seamlessly into your busy lifestyle, the clear aligners we use can transform your smile and improve your health. Teeth that overlap or are crooked can often harbor additional bacteria and plaque that brushing and sometimes even flossing can't fully remove. Look at our before and after cases of smiles we have treated at Sandcreek Family Dentistry and picture your smile here!

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Ever wonder how it's possible to achieve a beautifully straight smile in only six months? Call our offices today at (406) 377-8265!


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