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IV Sedation

We understand at Sand Creek Dental that often patients are afraid of coming to the dentist. This fear can be minor or severe and ultimately prevent patients from receiving treatment they need. This is why Dr. Matthew Calkins offers Intravenous conscious sedation (IV Sedation) for comfort and anxiety. IV sedation is extremely popular among patients who have a strong dislike of dental work, because it allows them to avoid anxiety and feel completely at ease during the whole procedure.

What does it do?

IV sedation puts you in a relaxed state of mind but does not completely put you to sleep. Often IV sedation is referred to as Twilight Sedation because you remain partially awake and are able to respond to any requests the doctor may have while you are sedated. Patients often experience partial or total amnesia for the full period of sedation. That is to say, you will remember very little if anything at all. Meanwhile the drugs we use will give you a very pleasant feeling of euphoria.

How does it work?

We do not use narcotics in our IV sedation. Instead we use drugs from the benzodiazepine family. Benzodiazepines work by suppressing anxiety inducing effects in the brain. They do nothing to prevent pain which is why we will always use a local anesthetic during any procedure which might be uncomfortable.

Is it safe?

We at Sand Creek Dental only use sedation techniques that have been approved by the American Dental Association. Dr. Matthew Calkins has received extensive education and is licensed by the State Board of Montana to to practice sedation dentistry. To ensure your safety we will go over your medical history and request a list of medications that you are taking. Your vitals will be closely monitored during the procedure and the dosage will be titrated, meaning a little will be given at a time, to ensure that a safe level of sedation is reached.

The application of the IV is the easiest part, just a small prick around the wrist and in no time the effects of the drug will kick in. You will feel calm and before you know it the procedure will be over. You may remember snippets of the procedure but probably not much. We require you to bring a friend or family member with you to any appointment in which you will receive IV sedation to ensure a safe return home.

What are the benefits of IV Sedation

IV sedation not only reduces anxiety and brings on a pleasant feeling, but time passes extremely quickly while on the medication. Two hours can feel like fifteen minutes. For this reason IV sedation gives us the ability to have lots of dentistry done in one sitting. Imagine yourself drifting off into another place and before you know it you are waking up with all your dental work done. This can especially benefit patients who travel long distances to come to Sandcreek, allowing often one or two visits to have all their work done.

The end result is a worry-free visit to our office. We care about your comfort and want you to give us a call at (406) 377-8265 with any questions you may have regarding IV sedation.
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